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I wanted to take this opportunity to thank M.C.E Property Management for a job well done.Your company has always exceeded our expectations with our rental property from managing,leasing,taking care of repairs etc.Thank you for doing a great job in selling our properties as well. It has been a pleasure working with your company.Please feel free to use us as a reference.
Thilak and Asha

My relationship with Micro Credit Enterprises began when I obtained Rs. 50,000/= Consumer Credit Loan to purchase my 50 ” color TV. Having paid that off I took another Rs. 75,000/= loan to purchase my laptop which also paid off well within the stipulated time. I have now obtained Rs. 75,000/= for a refrigerator which is still operative. I would advise those who are in need of a helping hand to buy household goods contact Micro Credit Enterprises.
Nikini Gunasekara

It has been two years I put my trust in Micro Credit Enterprises with Rs. 100,000/= loan to expand my printing business. Today I employ four workers and enjoy good profits from my business. I owe my success and my family’s upliftment to Micro Credit Enterprises.Loans can be obtained easily and quickly with minimum paper work unlike other companies I have had experienced with.
Sanjeewa Hendawitarana